Why I was wrong about self control

Self control (or self discipline) is powerful. With enough of it we can accomplish almost anything. For most of my life I have believed that any one of us could have everything we ever wanted, if only we were to develop more self control and better habits. Individual power, liberty, freedom and happiness await the one who can master his impulses and motivate himself.

Time for a wife raid! Go get em boys! [Dating Strategy]

(The objective of this post is to encourage good men to be more assertive in chasing women who meet their ideal.)

Modern man is often far too civilized, too tamed and too ashamed to assertively and aggressively go after what he wants in life. Any time a man shows the slightest masculine energy he's attacked with cackles of “toxic masculinity”. 

Too many men labour under deeply ingrained false notions of gender equality, other people's expectations of niceness or misinterpretations of the NAP. Having lost all capacity to be truly dangerous they meekly accept whatever role the more dominant men in society foist upon them. Some men will even completely give up, voluntarily dropping out of the gene pool to retreat, going their own way so to speak. But it needn't be so.

Raise your SMV by joining or forming a Western Traditionalism Club

White, western, Europeans have become atomized. We must reverse the trend or die.

When I was younger the city I grew up in had clubs for all of the specific white ethnicities that were present there. The German club and the Polish club were the largest. They got together regularly to speak their native languages and celebrate the best parts of their culture with food, songs and dances. It was exclusive and it was unabashedly pro-western culture. These type of events helped young people to mix within a pro-family environment where they could find compatible mates with similar marital expectations.

How to get the most out of SMV4K

This message is for both new and long time SMV4K members. I really care about all of you and I want you to get the most out of your participation in SMV4K. More importantly, I want you to achieve your best romantic goals, to be happily married and to raise some wonderful children. This post is a message from my heart to you.

Shit r-selected people say, Volume 1, The Cuckening.

As a K-selected person you need to quickly identify and avoid socializing with r-selected people. Even more importantly you want to avoid dating or marrying them as I have explained in the past. 

Unfortunately, we can't trust r-selected people to voluntarily self identify. I've had plenty of self proclaimed K-selected people respond with typical r-selected programing. Deception is an integral part of the r strategy. They lie and they take truth and twist it.

Raise Your SMV by Building a Better Reputation

Last weeks post was about the value of a good reputation and its effect on our sexual market value. This week we discuss some specific steps to building a better reputation.

We are not all equal. Some people are simply better than others. This is reflected in our different outcomes and reputations. A person with a great reputation will have a much easier time in life compared to the alternatives. It's time to stop the navel-gazing, put down the self help books and take actions.

Raise your SMV by Managing Your Reputation

How does your reputation affect your Sexual Market Value and your ability to attract a high quality mate?

One of the worst pieces of advice to come out of the cultural marxist corruption of western culture is the encouragement to not care about what other people think about us. 

This type of false wisdom has contributed to our overly atomized, honourless society. It weakens us, keeps us lonely, prevents us from forming and connecting with our in-group. Its toxic.

Who is Mr Right?

Men today just aren't what they used to be. Back when western culture greatly valued masculine qualities we produced the most manly and noble men in history. They fought savages and each other, they made things from virtually nothing, they got their hands dirty and bloody. They lead expeditions around the globe on flimsy wooden ships. They punched cattle, shot rattle snakes and chewed buffalo jerky as hard as shoe leather.

Raise your SMV by slaying dragons: The Legend of St. George and the Dragon [Hero's journey]

Western society is collapsing. The dragons of chaos are stirring again in the form of mass invasions by dangerous hostiles, the widespread promotion of false narratives, and moral decay. The root cause of our troubles is the weakness of men who seek comfort and security at all costs. Dishonorable men who would trade the future for a day's peace. 

This isn't the first time that our civilization has been menaced by total collapse, nor will it be the last. By acting honorably and by facing the danger threatening our society we can slay dragons.

The Female Hero Archetype: Raise your SMV by acting out your Hero Archetype [Hero's journey]

Men and women are fundamentally and biologically different. That's no surprise, they have very different roles and purposes to fulfill in the continuation of our species. Listening to stories and emulating heroes that display positive, natural gender roles can help us to be better men and women. In this post we will discuss the Female Hero Archetype, how it has been distorted and how we can select positive female role models.

Be a Romantic Hero! - Your Hero's Journey: Act 3 [Hero's journey]

We do it because it's worth it. A good life is its own reward.

The Hero struggles, suffers and sacrifices. In the end, if he does not give up, he will get his prize! This part of your journey is about obtaining and holding onto the prize, a fulfilling romantic relationship. 

Your Romantic Hero's Journey has a happy ending. You can get everything you always wanted. Someone to hold and love you, children and happiness. You only need to finish what you started, complete your journey in Act 3.

Be a Hero, Raise Your SMV - Your Hero's Journey: Act 2 [Hero's journey]

(Tests, Allies, Enemies, Approach, Ordeal, Death and Rebirth.)

Western culture is largely based on the Hero mythos. The individual who overcomes chaos, tames nature and brings order to his or her universe. Western hero stories are often focused on personal honour gained by taking the right path.

The Hero's Journey is never easy. Its is not about comfort, relaxation or maximizing our pleasure. Rather, it's about sacrifice, stoically and voluntarily suffering discomfort and bravely facing the unknown (chaos).

Though the individual Hero is the main focus of western mythos, he always lives within a societal framework that influences his thoughts and actions. The Hero is both a responsible member of his society and a rule breaker when necessary. He is both a man and a beast. 

Raise Your SMV by Learning How to Negotiate Commitment in a Romantic Relationship [Activities]

Google “fear of commitment” and you will get more than 32 millions hits, many of them with titles like the ones above. Are so many people really that afraid of commitment?

Most people are not truly afraid of commitment, rather they are commitment illiterate. They don't understand what commitment means and how to negotiate mutually beneficial arrangements. The result is a fear and distrust of the unknown, rather than a fear of the commitment itself.