About SMV4K.com


Raise your Sexual Market Value and find your ideal spouse, for Red-Pilled, Rational, K-selected people

SMV4K.com is an exclusive, private community for K-selected individuals to find advice and support to help them raise their Sexual Market Value (SMV) and find their ideal spouse. Its also a place for mature and experienced married people to share with us their highly valued wisdom.

White, western nations are facing a severe demographic winter unless we start marrying and having children again. Unfortunately, much of the wisdom of our ancestors regarding relationships has been lost through bad parenting, single motherhood, and widespread divorce. Please help support this project as it grows into a community tool designed to rediscover and share the remaining wisdom and work towards saving western civilisation.

What SMV4K.COM isn't:

  • This is not about helping you to becoming a pickup artist (PUA).

  • This is not about helping you to sleep with as many people as possible.

  • This is not about providing you with tips on how to trick someone into marrying you.

  • This is not about making you feel good about yourself or telling you what you want to hear.

  • We are not politically correct.

  • This is not therapy.

  • We will not tolerate free riders.

What SMV4K.COM is:

  • A place to develop and share a set of tools and ideas for K-selected, rational, red-pilled, straight people to discuss raising one's SMV and to support each other in this process.

  • This is about making yourself the best potential mate that you can possibly be.

  • This is about putting yourself in the best space (social circle) with the highest quality members of the opposite sex possible so as to find your ideal mate.

  • Therefore, its going to be hard work and require investing your time, energy, and resources.

What to expect:

  • To start, we will have a weekly featured post discussing the issues that the community finds most important. We would be grateful for your comments and participation. As support grows, we will add podcasts, hangouts, etc. to support your growth and personal projects.

  • Our Facebook group (it's private, by invitation only) will enable you to ask questions, suggest topics, and communicate with other members of this community.

  • As we grow and gain more support, we will adjust our objectives and goals to meet your needs. If you want to see more rapid development, or a specific direction, you will need to be willing to step up and support it.

  • We are also happy to accept essays and guest posts that fit with our community goals.

Note: Not all applications will be accepted for membership to this community. We reserve the right to refuse membership for any reason. If your behavior makes you obnoxious to the group, prevents other members from benefiting, or we simply don't like your attitude, you will be removed.