The Painful Truth About GenX (with Heiðrún) [video]

The red pill movement has awakened many to a knowledge of evolutionary psychology and, in specific, r/K selection theory and its implications for Western Civilization. This has served as an intervention for those who have developed maladaptive traits as a consequence of low investment (Boomer) parenting. But what practical benefit has the intervention had for this population?

Why do smart people do stupid things? [Activity]

If you have ever asked yourself “why do smart people do stupid things?” Or, if you have at times asked that question about yourself than this post will change your life.

We all know someone who is highly intelligent and masterful in one area but desperately lacking in other, vital areas. Perhaps they are amazing at making money but terrible at managing it, or great at making acquaintances, but unable to keep long term friends. Really smart about politics but unable to create a fulfilling career. Able to help others but unable to help themselves.

It may even be closer to us personally if we are disappointed that we are not living up to our potential, self sabotaging, making the same mistakes over and over again, stuck in a bad pattern but unsure why or what to do about it. This post will help you to understand the root cause, the why you do the things you do.

What To Do When Relationships Fail, With Micah Lambert [video]

If you or someone you know is involved in a relationship that is on the rocks, this video is for you. Todays guest Micah Lambert, a post divorce consultant for men will help you to understand the steps you can take to answer the following questions:

  • What to do when your relationship is on the rocks?

  • What behaviour can save your marriage?

  • If you can't save your relationship, what should you do?

The Danger Of Unrealistic Romantic Expectations Part 2: Delusions

When I was originally titling this series I thought about calling it “The Danger of Romantic Delusions”. That title however was a bit off putting and the objective of a blog posts title is to get people to read the post.

My reluctance to use that title doesn't change the fact that the root cause of unrealistic romantic expectations is delusion. In fact romance itself is connected with an idealized, subjective, anti-rational and even delusional view of the world and sexual dynamics.

The Danger Of Unrealistic Romantic Expectations Part 1: Introduction

In the past our cultural understanding of love, romance and relationships was tightly governed by our family, society, law and the church. Everyone knew their roles and generally what to expect from marriage.

The 20th century saw the near total destruction of the roots and pillars of western society. We lost our clear understanding of the sexual market and received a fraudulent promise of happiness through sexual liberation, feminism and radical individualism. The result has been mass confusion and increasingly unrealistic expectations about relationships.

How I Escaped Feminism, A True Story

The cult of Feminism ensnares many young women with its promise of giving women all the power of men with none of the responsibility. Its an attractive offer however it ultimately leaves millions of young women unhappy, unhealthy, depressed and alone.

Defeating Your Inner Bully

We have met the enemy, and it is us.

Inside of each of us is a bully. This bully pushes us around. Beats us up. Tells us we are failures, tells us we are worthless. He knocks us down, sits on our chest and refuses to let us get up. You can’t reason with this bully, you can’t trick him. The only thing you can do is fight him.

Manorialism and Europeans with Pattern Principle [video]

Manorialism greatly shaped western genetics and culture for more than 1000 years, in part by forming a very effective sexual market that rewarded the best and hardest working men and women.

Pattern Principle and Noah Revoy discuss the historical lessons that we can learn from Manorialism along with ways to implement those lessons in modern times.

Nice Guys Are Not Good Men

Our modern western world is over saturated by Nice Guys. Men who at first appear decent and well adjusted if unlucky in life but upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be hollow, broken men, unable to deal with the uncertainties of the real world.

Why Men Need Mentors and Coaches, With Curt Doolittle [video]

Our historical network of men who passed on our cultural wisdom and the skills of masculinity has been taken from us.

Many men no longer have the benefit of learning from fathers, uncles, grandfathers and other members of our tribe the ways of men.

Still, there are some things that we can not learn from books or in schools. There are things that only mentors and coaches can teach us.

How can you find mentors and coaches that are not going to waste your time and will help you to become the best man you can be?