Coaching Terms of Service

A single coaching session will change your life!

A single coaching session will change your life!

Before starting coaching I ask all clients to please read the information below. This information is for your benefit and to ensure that you get the highest value out of your coaching experience.

  • Coaching is an action oriented process. The one receiving coaching is responsible for taking the necessary actions to move their life in the direction they desire.

  • You alone are responsible for any actions you take as a result of coaching.

  • To the best of my ability I will keep all the information you give me as a result of our coaching sessions private, unless you wish otherwise or I am compelled to do differently by law. If you request I will delete any notes about our sessions that I may have.

Technical notes:

  • Booking of coaching sessions will be by It's your responsibility to book your sessions. There are limited spots available each week so please feel free to book ahead as far as the system permits.

  • There are no cancellations or refunds. If you need to reschedule a session the booking system will need 24 hours notice. Use the link that was sent in your email confirmation.

  • Missed sessions are billed at the normal rate.

  • In order to be fair to all clients each session must start and end on time (+/- 1 minute). If you are more than 15 minutes late then I will assume that you will miss the session.

  • Sessions are for a duration of 55 minutes. You can purchase a double session if you like and if there is room in the calendar.

  • We will be using Zoom ( for our sessions. Please make sure to install the software well before the session.

  • You will need adequate internet to have a successful session. Usually we have video sessions, so please take that into account.

Preparation suggestions

“How can I help you today?”

You will get the most out of your coaching experience if you take these basic steps:

  • Between sessions take notes about topics that you would like to discuss during a coaching session.

    • Think of some questions you want to ask.

    • Think about areas of focus you want to improve.

    • Write whatever comes to mind. Often something in your thoughts will lead to a breakthrough and massive growth.

  • Bring a means of taking notes to your sessions. These notes will help you to implement any ideas that are uncovered during the session.

  • Take a short break and some deep breaths before the session. Splash some water on your face. Get relaxed and open to be challenged. Coaching is a growth process and growth is challenging.

  • Expect to change over the course of your sessions. Now that you have started coaching, things will be different!

Coaching commitment

A single coaching session can change your life. Imagine what a coaching program can do.

Positive and lasting results require sustained and regular effort in the right direction. You will get the most out of coaching if you pick a time/day of week and consistently receive coaching over a period of 3 to 6 months minimum. Often that's about the point when major changes start happening.

You can use the booking system to book coaching sessions up to 6 months in advance. Buying 10 session packages is less expensive per session.

Remember: Coaching is all about you. This is your time to ask help, get feedback and unload whatever you need to. Take the steps you need to take to create the life you want!