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Join the Wolf Pack: An Introduction [Wolf Pack]

Join the Wolf Pack: An Introduction [Wolf Pack]

By Pim E.

Here at SMV4K we are wolves. And wolves don’t hunt alone. A lone wolf is a dead wolf and the only way to survive is to pack up! So let’s do it. Let’s introduce wolf packs.

Why wolf packs?

I just said that! Wolves and hunting and.. Ok fine. Improving ourselves at best comes from a disciplined routine formed from true inspiration and motivation. But we are not hermits and we are not samurai. I bet most of us don’t have a history of great discipline and routine. I bet many of us have our issues with motivation. Lord knows I have.

So we need to be smart about this and find a different way. Perhaps a more historically and community oriented method. So let’s use the immense force that is peer pressure and coax ourselves into doing the work.

What could it look like?

A pack would meet once a week, via hangouts or skype or any preferred technology. As long as you can look each other in the eyes it’s fine. You share your victories and not-yet-victories with the pack. A weekly hunting report, so to speak. Each group should support their members with any issues they’re facing and celebrate small or bigger victories as a team.

A pack should consist of four or five members. Fewer, and it would be difficult to get a real support group sense going. More, and shyer members would drown. The group should offer you all you need to grow, and push you to do it.

What shouldn’t it look like?

It’s not therapy. Don’t dive in the deep. Group members should listen to one another, but not analyse each other. Be blunt and honest about what you see, but see the person you’re saying it to. Conversely, be understanding that you’re getting feedback from a place of love and growth.

The group is not a replacement for growing yourself. It should be a stimulant.

Will this replace the SMV4K chat?

No. However, it's a more intimate, secure and private form of mutual assistance.

How to get started?

If you want to start a new wolf pack, make a post in the SMV4K FB group. If you’d rather join a pack, post about that. It’s important to be in a group with people you like, but who are sufficiently different from you for you to get multiple perspectives.


Hi! I'm looking for 2 to 5 men to start a new Wolf Pack in the Lisbon area of Portugal. As long as you are on our timezone (GMT+1) you are welcome to join. Just private message me and we will come up with a time for our first Pack Meeting.
I'm a 25 year old single woman looking to join a wolf pack in the PST time zone. Anyone have an opening? Saturday chats are best for me. Thanks!

We have members all over the world so it should be possible to find people with compatible schedules to yours. Feel free to invite any real life friends who will fit into the SMV4K community to join us and be a part of your pack. 

I have this weird rash on the inside of my...

Go see a doctor.

A suggested format

I propose groups start by using the retrospective format. It works as follows. You take 3 minutes in silence and everyone writes post-its or something similar with what went well. Then you go around and give everyone the opportunity to shortly introduce their notes. You take another 3 minutes in silence and everyone writes post-its with what could be improved. Again, you go around the group and have everyone shortly talk about their issues. Another 3 minutes and everyone can write post-its on what is interesting. From their own post-its, or other’s. Again, you go around and discuss it shortly. Finally, everyone makes a post-it with their happiness, ranging from D: to ): to :| to :) to :D. Make a pretty picture of it. All of this should take about 45 minutes.

If your pack comes up with a new insight or has a question that you can't answer feel free to post about it on the private FaceBook group. Perhaps another pack is facing the same issues and we can all benefit from your questions.

Happy hunting!

And good luck.

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