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What Happens to Your Sexual Market Value When You Live With a Chronic Illness and What Can You Do About it?

The basic idea of sexual market value is generally easy to comprehend but if you or a loved one has a chronic condition of some kind, there may be a hurdle in the way of acceptance.

Let’s take the example of an autoimmune condition that one develops in childhood. The person with this condition knows they did not do anything to bring this on themselves. They might be offended at the idea that their sexual market value has been lowered through no fault of their own.

Nevertheless, reality must be dealt with. In the case of an autoimmune condition, you have something that has a higher genetic susceptibility to be passed down to your offspring and no one would argue this is a positive thing. Also, you may have higher associated medical costs and perhaps drains on your energy, appearance, capabilities, and vibrancy. Your mood may be affected, too.

Dying alone is no fun.

Dying alone is no fun.

In fact, it’s one of the worst ways to end a miserable life.

Dying with amazing children around you who have endless love and appreciation for you, and a wife/husband that you deeply respect and admire...well dying isn’t that great either way. 

But it beats the alternative.

Is Vanity a Virtue? [Guest Post]

How Important is Physical Attractiveness and How Harmful is Female Vanity?

To distinguish: I want to discuss physical attractiveness as a more-or-less “objective” measure, as opposed to physical “attraction” between two people, which is entirely subjective and not always directly related to their objective attractiveness. There can be “chemistry” or attraction between unattractive people (sometimes nothing more than sex drive/libido or r-selected characteristics at play).