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The High Caliber Male Podcast #11 with SMV4K.com [Video]

The High Caliber Male Podcast #11 with SMV4K.com [Video]

Thanks to Ragnar, Jake, Matt and Doc for inviting me to their show. Below you can find the links to specific areas within the conversation.

Today we have our first guest from Portugal, Noah Revoy! He has great advice for young men seeking a good woman to settle down with at SMV4K.com.

0:23 The Birth of SMV4K
4:00 How can a wife get her husband to step up?
7:07 Why are so many men stuck with lame lives?
10:16 TV and movies lack masculine role models
16:40 Build a wolfpack
20:56 MGTOW is terrible advice for good men and good advice for terrible men
29:03 Get social! Start jiu-jitsu
38:27 Have a plan, then invite women to join you
44:03 The red pill = following the truth wherever it leads
46:41 What to look for in a woman
52:35 Life hack: lift heavy!
58:50 Get good sleep and don't eat junk


About High Caliber Male

We came together as a group of guys a few years ago to hang out and have some much needed “guy time.” We quickly found that sharing life struggles and victories with one another helped us all to grow and achieve more in our day to day lives. Our marriages and relationships improved dramatically, as well as our physical health, mental health and just plain enjoying life a lot more.

It came to us in a vision from the gods…we should share this camaraderie with the many men of the world that are bewildered with why the woman who used to wake him up at 2 a.m. for some wild sexy time has developed Chronic Bitchiness Syndrome (CBS) after tying the knot.

We are men dedicated to self transformation and improvement, and we want to share our journey with you.

A Conversation with Lacey Lynn [Video]

A Conversation with Lacey Lynn [Video]