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r/K Selection Matrix and the Alpha vs Beta Female

r/K Selection Matrix and the Alpha vs Beta Female


A few weeks ago we posted r/K Selection Matrix and the Alpha vs Beta Male discussing how our sexual selection bias affects our view of what constitutes an Alpha or Beta male. Now it's time to do the same for females. It's very important that you first read the previously mentioned post to get some background information, especially on r/K selection theory.

Even more confusion and a lack of clear stereotypes

There is a lot of confusing chatter about the Alpha/Beta male roles. On the other hand most people give almost no consideration to the female equivalents. Perhaps we are afraid to judge women and put them into potentially unflattering categories based on their actions. Perhaps it's not seen as important to broadly identify female behavioural patterns. Whatever the case, it seems that this post might be treading new ground.

There are lots of stereotypes about women and their behaviour. Women of course have their own dominance hierarchies which can be divided according to their r/K reproductive strategies. They don't always line up with the Alpha/Beta division. In some ways that makes defining the differences easier.

What is an Alpha female?

As with men, this depends on your reproductive strategy.


The Mother Archetype, the complete woman

  • Abundant in feminine virtues (fertile, gentle, loyal, agreeable (or cooperative)).
  • Abundant in motherly and wifely virtues (empathetic leader of women and children, teacher, care taker, lover).
  • Other virtues that good, K-selected women have suggested included: She is resolute, humble, steadfast, devoted, positive, trustworthy, has a deep bond with her children, and has self-knowledge and self-respect.
  • Sexually selective and loyal (very high hypergamy before marriage).

Mothers are women who are mature and dependable. They have babies and value their fertility. Mothers are nurturing and caring, meeting essential basic needs for the family. They are strong, patient, and they recognize their limitations and thus transmit the value of acknowledging reality to their kids as well as allow their Alpha mate to fully encompass his role freely. 

The K-Alpha is the mother figure that we all want and the wife that every K-selected man desires. She is the fully-developed K-selected woman. She's a feminine woman who respects herself and understands the virtue of caring for her aesthetics. She is is well respected and deeply integrated into her usually very conservative community. Her advice is valuable. Her leadership (mostly by example) makes her group, especially her family stronger. Her husband and children, if she has them, love and respect her. They are also good examples in their community. She is constantly improving herself and if she does not have a husband and children she dedicates herself to a cause that improves her tribe. She will die old and satisfied, surrounded by those who love and respect her.


The Girl Archetype, the potential woman

  • Some feminine virtues are still underdeveloped.
  • Under the protection of strong and vigilant Alpha parents whose leadership she follows. (might have to form a surrogate family for this).
  • Not yet ready for children however protecting her fertility and SMV (She's “under development”).
  • Sexually chaste (very high hypergamy before marriage).

The Girl is the immature, underdeveloped female that has the potential to grow into the Mother with all the right teachings and leadership. She is eagerly and humbly learning and growing on a trajectory towards completeness.

This is our little sister. We love her, we cherish her, we protect her but we know she still has a few things to learn before she's ready to be a mother. This is the natural state for K-selected women who have not yet finished maturing. Historically, young women would transition out of this archetype in their late teens. However, due to poor parenting, r-selected propaganda, and societies lack of respect for femininity, motherhood and commitment many women in their 30s and even in their 40s have been unable to move on to becoming a K Alpha. Sadly, in their case they have missed their fertility window. If we want to strengthen our tribe, the most important thing we can do is to protect and help our Beta women transition into Alpha status.


The Bitch Archetype, the dangerous woman

  • Incomplete development of the feminine virtues.
  • Doesn't value her fertility until it's too late.
  • Dishonest, violent and incapable of long-term commitment.
  • Sexually aggressive.

The Bitch has a lot of masculine qualities. She is very sexually aggressive. Here you find the career-driven female. She dresses very fashionably, values power and money, can be slutty, leaves hurt men in her wake. She is the strong and beautiful feminist, not the weak and ugly one. She is the female that turns 35 and realizes she wants children and panics that it may be too late. 

She is the leader of her group of friends, but a cruel and dominating leader. She takes delight in breaking her beta orbiters, both men and women. Her personality leaves her with no real friends and a bad reputation.

Due to not having a strong male role model growing up she views men as trash, expendable and not dependable. Her low opinion of men will make her a disastrous mess as a mother, especially to any potential sons.

She will die alone and bitter, eaten by her cats or discovered months later by a neighbour complaining about the smell.


The Spinster Archetype, the Toxic Woman

  • Severely lacking in feminine virtues.
  • Dishonest, lives to virtue signal.
  • Sexually out of control, frustrated and confused.

The spinster is bitter but weak due to absorbing unhealthy and wrong teachings about life and relationships. Her outlook and oftentimes her circumstances push her even farther off track. She doesn't strive to be the best woman she can be, or to overcome her circumstances. She fully internalizes the feminist ideology and is its most enthusiastic supporter. 

In many modern Hollywood films, the main character (often a Bitch archetype) has a group of friends who are usually the Spinster archetype. These women lack boldness and confidence or they have an unnatural boldness and confidence predicated on warped beliefs.

In her youth the Spinster can take several closely related forms. They say things like:

  • “Just be you. Accept yourself just the way you are” (She is trying to lower the standards by which women are judged.)
  • “If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.” (Clear signs you will mostly get the worst.)
  • Don't judge people (like me). You don't know what I've gone through.” (“I'm really a horrible human being and it bothers me when you point it out.”)

Her early forms include:

Blue Haired Land Whale (BHLW)

  • Overweight, unattractive, unwilling to meet rational human standards of beauty. 
  • She embraces anti-fat shaming propaganda, feminism and a deep hatred of men who will not sleep with her, in other words, all men.

Non-conformist Weirdo

  • Might be a hippy, vegan, sexual fetishist, or obsessed with non-structured “spiritually”. 
  • Has a degree in Feminist Intersectionality, whatever that means.  
  • Possibly attractive, if it wasn't for all the ugly body modifications, strangely colored hair and unique odour. 
  • Complains about gender inequality, the pay gap and the patriarchy.


  • Sexually irresponsible and out of control. She is a compelling argument for involuntary sterilizations.
  • Claims that being used as a sex toy is empowering. 
  • Possibly a former (or current) stripper.  
  • She might have multiple kids from different men. 
  • She thinks she is a great mom, but her kids are all dysfunctional and traumatized. 
  • Probably on welfare or collecting alimony and child support money from a r-Beta who she cucked and dumped.

As she ages she becomes the Crone. She lacks self-confidence and thus doesn't create as much value as she could otherwise. She does not pay adequate attention to her appearance or physical health. She spends most of her energy complaining. She is constantly wasting away, becoming increasingly bitter and jealous towards women who go on to become Mothers and even the r-selected Alpha females. 

They are so repulsive no good man wants them and those that do aren't man enough to become good fathers and they know it so deep down they both reference the excuses involving overpopulation or just choosing the life they want and all those other copouts to starting a family. They often use pets as surrogate children. The typical SJW falls into this group. But, also the r-Alpha female's follower and agreeable sidekick (she always has them) is this type, too. 

Should every (K-selected) woman strive to be an Alpha?

Yes. Every K-selected women (it's a reproductive strategy after all) should be working towards becoming the Mother. Biology plays a huge part in what makes women happy. Women are designed to make and raise children, whether they know it or not.

Motherhood is the highest calling for any woman. Nothing she could do will have a greater impact or bring her more satisfaction than caring for her own precious children.

If for some reason she is physically incapable of becoming a mother she should still be working to building up her tribe and caring for in-group humans that need her. She can be a great Aunt and a wise female friend to younger ladies.

How can I move towards the K-selected side?  How can a K-selected woman become more Alpha?

To be K-selected we must have some degree of self-knowledge and value honesty, especially with ourselves. 

Embrace the traits associated with femininity. Many women find it a relief to drop some of the masculinity they might have picked up over time and relax into feminine traits. One way to get in touch with these traits is for a woman to observe how she feels during her most fertile days of the month, which occur about 10 to 17 days after menstruation. At this point, women aren’t just fertile but are also experiencing high levels of estrogen which causes them to speak at a higher pitch and generally feel prettier and more in tune to how she appears towards men. 

A woman can tap into these feelings and use them as inspiration to soften their demeanor and body language. Being feminine and gentle does not mean being weak. There is great strength in femininity. Just think about the traits you love or would have loved in your own mother. Much of women’s strength comes in the form of restraint and thoughtfulness.  

Another way to get in touch with femininity is to spend time around an infant or young child. This should automatically pull out feelings of patience and nurturing.

“To dive into Alpha, I would suggest diving deeper into any traumas caused during childhood. This is personally one of the ways I became K-selected in the first place. I was once very R-selected! It was through self knowledge that I transitioned to K.
I think having a strong K-alpha male in your life helps to transition as well. They really help you get back in line and by line I mean to the original female role e.g child rearing and homemaking.” - A.U.

Is calling someone a beta an insult?

While a beta might be insulted by being called a beta, beta’s are truly just at an underdeveloped stage. Everyone goes through childhood having to mature and learn from those older and wiser. 

Can I change an R-selected woman into a K-selected woman?

We can't change other people. We can however assist other people to change themselves. Still, it's a very risky proposition that I can't in good conscience recommend to men. Don't be a White Knight, don't be Captain Save A Hoe. Stick to women who are already on the right track and help them to follow it.

Mature, K-selected women however can mentor younger r-selected women. This is not easy and discretion is needed to avoid wasting your time with people that can't be helped. Still, anyone reducing the number of r-selected people is an ally.

Why is it important to understand these differences?

A society grows and develops based on the people it holds up as examples. Motherhood must be held up as the ultimate calling for women and worthy of imitation. However, Motherhood is constantly under attack by feminism (a branch of Marxist theory). Instead, a masculine, ugly, unpleasant, unhealthy, sterile version of femininity is being promoted primarily to white, western women. 

Both men and women need to understand how to avoid toxic gender distorting propaganda. Young people need to have healthy role models and know the high value of motherhood.

Young K-selected women need to have confidence and our support to grow from Betas into Alphas, supplying our communities with good women who can secure a future for our children. Men who are looking to marry need to know how to identify dangerous r-selected women and avoid them. 

In conclusion

I hope this post and the included matrix helps to clarify any confusion about Alpha and Beta women. You probably have your own questions related both to the matrix and to what it means to be an Alpha female. Please ask your questions below and I'll try to get back to every single one of them in a future post. 

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