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What is the Patriarchy? [video]

The word PATRIARCHY is perhaps the most controversial term you can say on social media right now. As soon as I started to speak about it I got hundreds of thousands of fearful, angry, confused, frustrated and shocked replies from men and women who have fallen under the lies of feminism.

How I Escaped Feminism, A True Story

The cult of Feminism ensnares many young women with its promise of giving women all the power of men with none of the responsibility. Its an attractive offer however it ultimately leaves millions of young women unhappy, unhealthy, depressed and alone.

Do Women Have Agency?

Do women have agency?

The question is an important one, especially since men started to experiment with allowing women the privilege of participating in the management of the commons. By that I mean we let them vote.

Modern society tends to give women all the privileges that come with having agency without expecting them to actually demonstrate agency in their lives. This is very destructive and confusing to women. It's not a reasonable approach and the long term effects are destroying western culture and societies.

For the sake of saving our future we need to have a cohesive and logical approach to questions regarding women and agency. This post will look at the question in what I think is a very straightforward and simple manner.

Who is Mr Right?

Men today just aren't what they used to be. Back when western culture greatly valued masculine qualities we produced the most manly and noble men in history. They fought savages and each other, they made things from virtually nothing, they got their hands dirty and bloody. They lead expeditions around the globe on flimsy wooden ships. They punched cattle, shot rattle snakes and chewed buffalo jerky as hard as shoe leather.

Advice for Women. Do Not Date r-selected Men! [Video]

If you want a happy, healthy, marriage don't date an r-selected man.

The original concept of applying r/K selection theory to human behavior was expressed by Anonymous Conservative. Stefan Molyneux produced a series of easily digestible videos covering the subject. Stefan Molyneux - "Gene Wars | r/K Selection Theory" Series

r/K selection links:
- r/K Selection Matrix and the Alpha vs Beta Male (

- Anonymous Conservative (

- Gene Wars | r/K Selection Theory (

Filmed while my young son and his friends played at the park. At one point there is a cut, my son knocked the camera over.

Is Vanity a Virtue? [Guest Post]

How Important is Physical Attractiveness and How Harmful is Female Vanity?

To distinguish: I want to discuss physical attractiveness as a more-or-less “objective” measure, as opposed to physical “attraction” between two people, which is entirely subjective and not always directly related to their objective attractiveness. There can be “chemistry” or attraction between unattractive people (sometimes nothing more than sex drive/libido or r-selected characteristics at play).