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Who is Mr Right?

Who is Mr Right?

Men today just aren't what they used to be. Back when western culture greatly valued masculine qualities we produced the most manly and noble men in history. They fought savages and each other, they made things from virtually nothing, they got their hands dirty and bloody. They lead expeditions around the globe on flimsy wooden ships. They punched cattle, shot rattle snakes and chewed buffalo jerky as hard as shoe leather.

Real men were tough, but still human and mortal. They choked down their fear. Together they faced death in the trenches, 1000 of meters in the air or in a tin can under water. They patrolled the perimeter and did what needed to be done.

As tough and as strong as they were, the thing that most men wanted more than anything was a family. A wife and several children to provide for. They wanted to create, to nurture, to shape the future of humanity and they were willing to suffer and risk death in the here and now to make that happen.

Western men used to live for an opportunity to leave a legacy. They were willing to risk everything and even die for it. Most men wanted to be the prototypical western cultural hero. The man who conquers the dragon of chaos and forms civilization from its bones.

"A competent man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." — Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

Now, these men were not perfect, but they were MEN! They knew how to lead. They knew both how to be good men and how to be good at being a man. Sure, there have always been weak, cowardly, effeminate “men”. However in the past these men and their influence were rejected by one and all. There used to be no place in our society for weak links. 

Today our culture has turned on the very western masculinity that made its existence possible. Any display of masculinity, whether it be from men or boys is met with disapproval and even legal actions. Feminine characteristics in men are praised. The patriarchy, so long a unifying force, a protector of women and children is being dismantled by mentally impaired blue haired feminists. 

With the decline of our masculine culture good women are having a hard time finding a real man, a Mr Right. A masculine man. 

What should a K-selected, redpilled woman be looking for in a man?

I'm going to tell you the truth, and it's not going to be comfortable.

A big part of being redpilled is realizing that men and women are very different. Women are designed to be mothers to multiple children. Everything about them is specialized to make them good at that task, however that leaves them with some weaknesses in other areas. They need a man that can provide strength where they are weak.

A woman needs a man that can provide strength where she is weak.

For example, women are biologically primed to favour instant gratification. They need to live in the moment, emotionally feeling out relationships and their immediate surroundings, giving little consideration to anything else. This isn't a fault. It's not a bad thing. It's NOT a negative. It is what makes them good at being mothers to fragile  infants. Infants need to be feed/changed/cuddled when they need it, not a second later. 

If women become good at ignoring their overwhelming urge to care for an infant, no matter how exhausted or hungry they are, it's the children who would suffer. Good women can't help but give into their most primal urges to care for babies. You don't want a woman to reject those traits and become more masculine, it will negatively impact her ability to be a mother.

Now, it's not a fault, but it is a weakness. Women are simply not as good as men in planning or determining the long term consequences of their actions. This is why women NEED a good man (the patriarchy) to lead them, a father at first and a husband later. Women who understand this need will look for a man who has demonstrated leadership ability, who shows that he can defer gratification as well as make and execute long term plans. She will also mentally prepare herself to trust him and follow his leadership.

THIS IS KEY: Your job as a woman is to attract and choose a man whose leadership you can implicitly trust. A man that will make all the major, long term decisions in your life post marriage. 

(If you are a man reading this, your job is to be capable of making those decisions in the best possible way and then proving it to a potential mate.)

This isn't easy. In fact it's downright scary for some women who have not had good experiences with trustworthy men in the past. It means giving up some of your autonomy and becoming dependant. You must be very careful what type of man you choose. You will need help to vet potential mates and decide.

If this advice triggers you, then you may be a victim of feminist propaganda. Unfortunately, even in our circles some women are harbouring these ideas. I expect blowback from this post.

Characteristics of Mr Right 

How can you know that a young man is going to be a good leader in these areas? Some of the characteristics of a man who can defer gratification and plan for their future include:

  • Has some money saved and is not in debt.

  • Not a man slut or prone to any other vices.

  • Is physically fit (eats healthy, regularly exercises).

  • Is mentally and emotionally fit (has well developed self knowledge).

  • Is progressing in his career.

  • Has strong friendships (requires investment of time/energy).

  • Reads interesting books to develop his mind.

  • Has a productive hobby that requires some skill.

  • Has a clean house and car.

  • Is an entrepreneur, preferably successful.

  • IS A LEADER IN HIS COMMUNITY. (Organizes gatherings, trips, group projects, etc.)

  • Supports concepts and ideas that are focused on building a better future (vs instant gratification).

Can you think of any more? Please feel free to comment below.

(For men, these are the characteristics that a good woman is going to be looking for. These are her signs that she can trust you to care for her and your children. You will need to find ways to PROVE yourself as a reliable and competent man.)

You will normally find Mr Right in a place where he's cultivating the characteristics mentioned above. In a future post we will talk about where to look for him.

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