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Shit r-selected people say, Volume 1, The Cuckening.

As a K-selected person you need to quickly identify and avoid socializing with r-selected people. Even more importantly you want to avoid dating or marrying them as I have explained in the past. 

Unfortunately, we can't trust r-selected people to voluntarily self identify. I've had plenty of self proclaimed K-selected people respond with typical r-selected programing. Deception is an integral part of the r strategy. They lie and they take truth and twist it.

r/K Selection Matrix and the Alpha vs Beta Male

The subject of Alpha vs Beta male is heated, often contradictory. Some people love the concept, others completely reject it. Still, it has a strong cultural appeal.

The origins of the Alpha/Beta discussion stem from now-discredited studies of wolves in captivity. Nevertheless, this doesn't diminish the usefulness and popularity of using these terms to describe different types of people with different mindsets and behaviors. The concept or model has resonated with many people because they see it as having the power to quickly communicate important ideas in an easy to understand way.