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Shit r-selected people say, Volume 1, The Cuckening.

Shit r-selected people say, Volume 1, The Cuckening.

Top 5 for December 2017

  1. "If you kill your enemies, they win"

  2. Life is not fair.

  3. Let's just move past this unpleasantness (w/o having resolved it).

    • "They/we/I just need to get over it." It = any type of conflict of any magnitude

  4. You are not allowed to be proud of your culture/race/background.

  5. We have to DO SOMETHING about income inequality.

As a K-selected person you need to quickly identify and avoid socializing with r-selected people. Even more importantly you want to avoid dating or marrying them as I have explained in the past. 

Unfortunately, we can't trust r-selected people to voluntarily self identify. I've had plenty of self proclaimed K-selected people respond with typical r-selected programing. Deception is an integral part of the r strategy. They lie and they take truth and twist it.

Whenever we express a strong K-selected viewpoint we will tend to draw shocked and surprised responses from r-selected people who happen to hear what we are saying. To find out what people really believe we often have to listen to their responses to controversial topics.

Listen carefully for these false narratives that are often promoted both publicly and privately by an r-selected popular culture. Not everyone who says these things is an unredeemable r-selected waste of resources however they are strong signs that we can't fully trust them.

1) "If you kill your enemies, they win"

This entire post could just be a collection of Justin Trudeau quotes, but to be fair Im limiting myself to one.

This attitude comes from a desperate, suicidal desire to be liked by everyone, including the outgroup. Only r-Beta cucks care if the outgroup likes them. Beware of any man that is overly concerned with being liked, especially by people whose interests are not aligned with his own. Such a man will quickly sacrifice his wife, children and allies to appease others.

2) “Life is not fair.”

No its not. Nor can it be. Unexpected and unforeseen events befall us all. Often we are like tiny boats fighting the winds and currents of history and biology. 

Acknowledging that life isn't fair is certainly not an r-selected sentiment, however using it as an excuse for our failed existence is pathetic. Life being unfair is not a reason to just give up and let ourselves be swept away by the storm. Use the unfairness of life to your advantage.

  • The rabbit says: “Life isn't fair. I'm so much smaller and weaker than the wolf.”
  • The wolf says: “Life isn't fair and I'm going to press every advantage I have.”

It's not fair that one rabbit gets eaten and the other one escapes but it's always fair when the wolf makes his kill. Be the wolf or be eaten.

3) “Let's just move past this unpleasantness” (w/o having resolved it).

Alternately:  "They/we/I just need to get over it." It = any type of conflict of any magnitude.

Conflict: The more you try to avoid it, the more of it you get.

Conflict is a natural part of life that no one can avoid. How we resolve our conflicts is up to us. Weak, r-Beta types tend to cuck out of every confrontation. They appease, they give in, they avoid and they run. Because of this nothing ever gets resolved in their relationships. 

Minor disagreements fester, leading to anxiety and a never ending cycle of forming and then running away from relationships. The longer they avoid dealing with conflict the worse they are at processing it. Eventually they become emotional cripples, alone, shunned by family and friends.

They have a self image that they are the preverbal “nice guys” who are being screwed over when the reality is that they are just cowards getting what they deserve. Avoid anyone who is a self proclaimed Nice Guy™. 

On the other hand, people who bravely face confrontation with wisdom and prudence tend to experience far less confrontations. They are spared the anxiety of facing multiple unresolved relationships. As they develop the skills needed to gain from confrontation they no longer fear it but instead they embrace it. 

4) “You are not allowed to be proud of your culture/race/background/social group, etc.”

And now the controversial part.

How dare anyone tell you want you are allowed to be proud of or not proud of.

To be clear, many westerners have an psychologically unhealthy understanding of the word pride, mistaking it for hubris, conceit, arrogance or haughtiness. There is a reason we have different words for different things. Its disingenuous and dishonest to use words inappropriately or to be vague. This applies doubly for public intellectuals who should know better.

“Pride refers to a humble and content sense of attachment toward one's own or another's choices and actions, or toward a whole group of people, and is a product of praise, independent self-reflection, and a fulfilled feeling of belonging.” -

That doesn't sound so scary now does it? Pride is actually something very healthy. Belonging to a group (using whatever qualities are appropriate) is essential for human health. We do very well to see ourselves, our children and our ingroup as rooted, part of an ancient line stretching back into history and forward into infinity rather than as some lose cosmopolitan loner.

Could pride become pathological? I can't see how a “humble and content sense of attachment” to a group of people that you belong to could ever become a negative thing. It's just hollow virtue signaling by people who are under pressure to conform to a false narrative.

This type of attitude is almost exclusive to people who are detached from their roots or have mixed backgrounds. Often they are infatuated with some primitive or foreign culture whos decorations can be found all over their house. 

Its weak and cuckish to forget your ancestors and fail to honour their contributions to your current success. Without their sacrifices you wouldn't even exist.

Thinking that you don't need your ingroup to thrive and that you can stand all on your own is hubris and the height of arrogance. Telling people what they should and shouldn't be proud of is to display the very negative sterotypes of pride that such cucks claim to be complaining about.

5) “We have to DO SOMETHING about income inequality.”

No, we don't. Income inequality is a feature or reality, not a flaw. It's an integral part of nature and attempting to mess with it will only bring disaster. Push nature too far and you just get blow back.

Your pathological empathy is KILLING YOU and there's a risk it's going to take me and mine with it. Not everyone is equal, not everyone makes the same choices and life is unfair. The results will of course be unequal. That's to be expected. Its natures way of weeding out the weak and unfit. 

Some people just can't win at life, let it be. Let them live the consequences no matter how bleak. The alternative is to save them and face the same problems next week, only worse.

Even more puzzling is people who promote the idea that we need to “do something” about income inequality while understanding that it results from the naturally vast differences in productive abilities. 

Why should the productive be forced to subsidize the unproductive (any more than they already do)? Because defective, r-selected “herbivores” want more resources and they don't want to effort of competing with us for them. This is an idea promoted primarily by “public intellectuals”, parasites working in government sectors and living off of taxes extracted from the productive.

Kill what you eat. Don't get lazy, don't accept this equality nonsense and for the love of all that is good and holy stop having empathy for people who don't have empathy for you.

Stay tuned for more “Shit r-selected people say” in the future and please share with, me below any r-selected sayings that you have heard.

How to get the most out of SMV4K

How to get the most out of SMV4K

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Raise Your SMV by Building a Better Reputation