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Nice Guys Are Not Good Men

Nice Guys Are Not Good Men

Our modern western world is overly saturated with Nice Guys. Men who at first appear decent and well adjusted if unlucky in life but upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be hollow, broken men, unable to deal with the uncertainties of the real world.

“The Nice Guy believes that if they are good, giving and caring they will be happy and fulfilled. Unfortunately, this often isn’t true. And when a Nice Guy doesn’t get anything back on his investments, he becomes resentful.” - Dr. Robert A. Glover, No More Mr Nice Guy

Nice Guys are not good men. They are not virtuous men. The deficiencies of Nice Guys cause suffering to themselves and others. Men should avoid being a Nice Guy and women should avoid dating one. We should all avoid associating with them unless they are working towards becoming better men.

For men: Unfortunately most men today have at least one nice guy tendency. In our ongoing efforts to be better men it's important to study the Nice Guy so as to know what attitudes and behaviour to avoid.

For women: The Nice Guy presents a danger to women with his deceptiveness, lack of boundaries and rage. All women should know how to identify and avoid Nice Guys.

Typical traits of a Nice Guy

You can identify a Nice Guy by his actions and beliefs. Some of the common characteristics include:

  • He is severely lacking in one or more of the masculine virtues of Strength, Courage, Mastery and Honour.

  • He is severely lacking in one or more of the western virtues of Truth, Heroism, Intolerance and Trust.

  • He is passive, allowing others to program his life, control his beliefs and dictate his actions.

  • He is not truthful:

    • He says and does what he thinks other people expect of him.

    • He hides his true intentions and role plays as a friend or advocate of people he wants something from (like a male feminist).

    • He uses manipulation and deceit to get what he wants instead of asking directly.

    • He will be a disloyal backstabbing coward if it suits his purposes.

    • He is unwilling to face up to who he really is or admit he needs to grow.

    • He is constantly seeking distractions from having to face reality (dissociation).

  • He is constantly attempting to exercise control over others while unable to control himself.

  • He is passive-aggressive, full of frustrated rage, despair and bitterness.

  • He is unable to set boundaries and say “No!” to himself or others.

  • He doesn't bond with a social group, or friends but instead floats from group to group, staying only long enough for them to figure him out before fleeing to a new group claiming some persecution from his former associates.

The Nice Guy is a true form of Toxic Masculinity, really a toxic lack of masculinity. If you have some of these characteristics, you can learn to overcome them. It worth the effort to overcome nice tendencies as they hold you back from having the best life you possibly can.

How a Nice Guy suffers

These traits make it impossible for the Nice Guy to live a successful and fulfilling life or have happy, reciprocal relationships. The Nice Guy makes himself suffer in many ways:

  • He is lacking in virtue and therefore lacking in true self love.

  • He harbours many negative thoughts about himself because of his vices.

  • He is too unstable to cultivate deep friendships or romantic relationships.

  • He is easily manipulated and used by evil people and organizations.

  • He constantly feels cheated by life or persecuted by others.

  • He ruins his reputation and loses opportunities when his false front is discovered.

  • He attracts negativity with his negative behaviour and attitude.

  • He never asks for or gets the help he needs to improve and be happy.

How a Nice Guy makes other people suffer

The Nice Guy Makes everyone around him suffer:

  • His unreliable, demanding behaviour causes painful drama for friends and family.

  • His dishonesty and fake persona hurt others and can lead to enabling behaviours.

  • His lack of control plus near constant rage can lead to violence and other vices.

  • His inability to lead himself makes him a dangerous pawn of evil people.

  • His passivity makes him weak and unable to protect his people.

  • His inability to set boundaries leads him to overcompensate and go down dark pathways.

  • Their lack of virtue makes them insecure so they attempt to cut others down rather than build themselves up.

How a Nice Guy is created

The Nice Guy is an empty vessel, formed by a traumatic or neglectful childhood. As children they were not filled with parental love or virtue. They are like imitation men, crafted out of scraps of humanity they scavenge from distorted popular cultural depictions of ideal men.

  • Passive Nice Guy fathers provide poor examples, which their sons imitate.

  • Domineering fathers provide poor examples which they seek to rebel against by being “nice”.

  • Manipulative mothers teach them that they must please women to get attention and approval.

  • An anti-white anti-male society promotes niceness as a tool to castrate young white men who if allowed to fully actualize themselves would grow up to be dangerous to the parasitic state.

    • Young boys are punished for displaying masculine virtues.

    • Submission, tolerance and conformity are held up as virtues rather than the vices that they are.

    • Environmental pollutions and unhealthy lifestyles mean many men are hormonally feminized.

To a certain extent we can pity the Nice Guy as the product of an unnatural and unhealthy modern world. If you are suffering from some Nice Guy tendencies, there is hope. You can reprogram yourself, fill yourself with virtue to become the fully actualized man.

Good at “Being a Man” vs being a “Good Man”

The Nice Guy is an empty vessel, he lacks the masculine virtues that make a man good at being a man and the internalized western cultural virtues of a good man. He is useless.

The good news is that the Nice Guy can become the Hero, a fully actualized man by filling his deficiency of virtue.

Masculine virtues make a man good at being a man

The four cardinal masculine virtues are:

  1. Strength (physical, mental, emotional, moral, related to health)

  2. Courage (physical, moral, etc.)

  3. Mastery (become an excellent provider and protector by being skilled at work, sports, music, relationships, defense, etc.)

  4. Honor (gain respect, especially from your worthy peers)

Western virtues make a man good

The four cardinal western virtues are:

  1. Truth (in speaking, in action and in thinking)

  2. Heroism (voluntarily faceing discomfort and adversity through feats of ingenuity, bravery or strength)

  3. Intolerance (intolerance of lies, parasitism and non-reciprocal relationships)

  4. Trust (behaviour compatible with a high trust society)

In conclusion

Being a Nice Guy is bad for you, bad for those around you and bad for society. The good news is that you don't have to remain a Nice Guy forever. Developing virtue will save you from the Nice Guy trap.

Women, look for a man that is demonstrating the masculine and western virtues in his life.

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