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90 days to creating the energy you need to build the life you want [Activities]

90 days to creating the energy you need to build the life you want [Activities]

If you are feeling too exhausted to pursue the life you want, this message is for you.

Self improvement, raising your SMV, dating, courtship all takes energy. Mental, emotional and physical energy. Unfortunately, most people seem to be exhausted all the time. 

Tens of millions of Americans are diagnosed with depression each year. Europeans also suffer from high rates of depression. Very often depression presents as exhaustion or is confused with it. Taking prescription drugs for depression when you actually have low physical energy due to lifestyle issues is not going to make your life better.

It's not surprising that so many people feel depressed and exhausted.

We live in highly stimulating times. Over stimulating actually. We are exposed to massive amounts of often distressing information. Electric lights enable us to stay awake until the wee hours of the night. TV, video games and social media are all designed to hyper stimulate our brains with exciting and sometimes depressing experiences. This overwhelms our natural coping mechanisms.

We spend very little time outside, enjoying the fresh air and green views of nature. We don't move enough, we no longer have to be fit just to get food on the table or perform our jobs.

Additionally, most single people don't live with a family. That means no healthy home cooked meals and no hugs or other essential physical and social interactions that release happy hormones. We sit alone in our dingy apartments eating processed and foreign things our ancestors would not have even recognized as food.

We probably work with people we don't feel connected to on projects that really don't seem to matter for a goal that's not important to us. We actually feel the lack of purpose in our day-to-day life, its demovating and sad.

It's time to purge.

We know WHY people might be lacking in energy. So what can we personally do to help ourselves?

First, get rid of everything in your life that's making you weak. You need to purge the excesses in your life before you can have the energy to add in SMV improvement, dating and courtship. Purge deeply and thoroughly. Leave none of the rot.

This is a short term program to find out exactly what's making us tired and treat the root causes to the best of our ability. Mark it out on the calendar for 90 days and commit to the experience. 

Stop doing this:

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” - Socrates

You need a 90 day mental, emotional and physical elimination diet!

Vices: Over eating, junk food, drugs, alcohol, excessive entertainment, promiscuity and porn are all ways that people try to self medicate to ease the mental stress of our modern world. Unfortunately, these things actually make the exhaustion worse. Cut them out for the next 90 days.

Even better, for the 90 days ignore all social media (except SMV4K :) ), dont watch TV, don't play video games, don't even turn on your computer unless its for work. Only use your phone to make phone calls.

When it's dark outside, turn off your lights. Maybe you can light a candle or use a dim non-blue light. ( Sleep if you feel tired. Avoid all stimulants so that your body can start making its own natural stimulating hormones again.

Avoid people who stress or irritate you. This isnt always in our short term control however don't intentionally make it worse. Make a list of who you don't want to see, and then don't see them.

A note of warning: In the quiet that you will create by cutting all the overstimulation you will start to hear that small still voice within you that you have been attempting to bury. It's probably going to be angry and frustrated that you ignored it for so long. 

Don't ignore it. Don't get scared of it and return to your vices. Let it vent. If you need to get angry, then get angry. If you need to be sad then be sad. Keep asking the voice “WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY?” Note the answers, they are key to creating your new life.

So that you can do this:

Stand up straight: Stop sitting and standing like your spine is made of cooked spaghetti. This isn't anything revolutionary. Improving posture changes our hormones, breathing and even our facial (bone) structure. Do some basic posture exercises to help reinforce good posture.  (

Breathe: BREATHE. Most people don't know how to breathe correctly. How good do you expect to feel when you are chronically suffering from low oxygen? (

Sleep: Make a sleep plan and stick to it. Decide when you are going to go to bed and when you will wake up. Stop doing ANYTHING for 1 hour before bedtime. Don't stimulate your mind, just relax. Maybe meditate.

Get your electrolytes in order: If your electrolytes are out of balance you will feel like crap ALL THE TIME!!! Get them sorted. 


Get outside: Walk for one hour in a green area every day. A great time for this is just before the sun sets or right after work. Breath deeply while you are walking, feel the clean air and nature.

Food: Simplify your diet for 90 days. (example:, strict keto or the potato diet.) Whatever you do, KEEP IT SIMPLE and easy. Follow an existing plan so you don't have to stress out trying to create one. Choose a plan you can easily follow.

Get your hormones in order: Go to the doctor, get a hormone panel done and make sure that your “depression” isn't just low T or low thyroid. Take appropriate steps to supplement your hormones if needed.


None of this is new advice. It's all the return to what worked for thousands of years.

  1. Simplify your life.

  2. Eliminate anything that's making you weak.

  3. Fill the void with good habits.

  4. Profit!

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