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Parents, Teach Your Children Agency [video]

Parents, Teach Your Children Agency [video]

This is the most important video I've made so far. Fixing parenting means that every other thing I help people with would slowly disappear. Please help spread the message, improve parenting and put me out of business.

The future of the west, the future of any culture depends on families, parents and children.

By raising our children to have Agency and counteracting the mind numbing forces of mass media propaganda, hollywood entertainment and sick social pressures we are creating a generation that can not be manipulated or controlled by external forces.

This video will help parents to understand how to raise their children to develop age appropriate levels of Agency. Even if you don't have children, you will gain a greater understanding of your own childhood and your potential struggles with Agency.

Please enjoy and a special thank you to Jonathan and Adriana Prescott. (Check out their Facebook Group here:

Raising a Genuine Child - Peaceful Parenting:


Coaching, help to develop Agency:

Course in Agency:

Male Agency Will Save The West [video]

Male Agency Will Save The West [video]