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REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE 90 Days To Full Agency [Online Course]

REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE 90 Days To Full Agency [Online Course]

The last few months I've really had my nose to the grindstone developing something special that I hope will change the lives of many people for the better. As of today Im very proud to launch my first online course with the title: REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE 90 Days To Full Agency.

How it works

The Reprogram Your Life - 90 Days to Full Agency course is delivered via a series of emails. Each email includes a brief introduction to a subject and a password to access the full text and activities on this website.

New sections of the course are sent out whenever you click on the “Send Next Section” button at the bottom of each email. You should not read ahead because each activity is built on the previous one, it is highly recommended for you to do them in order.

By doing the activities you will strengthen your Agency and develop habits that lead to a life long process of continued Agency building. Habits are the key, changing what you are doing and being consistent in your efforts will lead to permanent positive changes.

Additionally we have a private Facebook community that serves as a place for mutual support and to answer questions. The community is essential to success. Agency is not developed in a vacuum, you need positive association and social reinforcement for the lessons to have a lasting effect.

What is Agency and why do we need it?

The capacity for human beings to identify opportunities and make choices that are consistent, correspondent, existentially possible, and coherent with and within reality, and to act upon them, unimpeded by knowledge limitation (ignorance), intellectual limitation (intelligence), mindfulness limitation (impulse), physical limitations (body), instrumental limitations (technologies), resource limitations, the impediments of others and their organizations into norms, laws, institutions, polities, and armies. Perfect agency would require omniscience, omnipresence, and complete insulation from impulse.

(Definition thanks to Curt Doolittle - The Propertarian Institute)

Agency is the primary trait that separates humans from other animals. It's what makes us unique, able to direct our lives and our civilizations. It's what makes markets and science and philosophy and love possible. It's a really important topic!

You need agency to become fully human, to be free and to avoid being controlled by external forces or your own animal instincts. Agency can be developed and this course will show you how.

Male Agency Will Save The West [video]

Male Agency Will Save The West [video]

Motivation, Systems, Habits, Virtue and Cultivating Positive Changes [Activity]

Motivation, Systems, Habits, Virtue and Cultivating Positive Changes [Activity]