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What is the Patriarchy? [video]

The word PATRIARCHY is perhaps the most controversial term you can say on social media right now. As soon as I started to speak about it I got hundreds of thousands of fearful, angry, confused, frustrated and shocked replies from men and women who have fallen under the lies of feminism.

What To Do When Relationships Fail, With Micah Lambert [video]

If you or someone you know is involved in a relationship that is on the rocks, this video is for you. Todays guest Micah Lambert, a post divorce consultant for men will help you to understand the steps you can take to answer the following questions:

  • What to do when your relationship is on the rocks?

  • What behaviour can save your marriage?

  • If you can't save your relationship, what should you do?

Why Men Need Mentors and Coaches, With Curt Doolittle [video]

Our historical network of men who passed on our cultural wisdom and the skills of masculinity has been taken from us.

Many men no longer have the benefit of learning from fathers, uncles, grandfathers and other members of our tribe the ways of men.

Still, there are some things that we can not learn from books or in schools. There are things that only mentors and coaches can teach us.

How can you find mentors and coaches that are not going to waste your time and will help you to become the best man you can be?

How to become a more assertive man [video]

We all know that nice guys finish last. On the other hand the assertive man gets the life he wants.
If you ever wished that you were more assertive or that you could channel your disagreeableness into a more productive direction than this message is for you.

A special note to women. This message is primarily directed at improving the behaviour of men however if you want to find and marry an assertive man you will need to know how to identify and attract one. This message can help you to do just that.

Men, take charge of your romantic relationships [Video]

Men, if you want to find a quality, K-selected, traditional woman you will need to be worthy. That all starts with you taking charge of yourself and your romantic relationships. Get out there and ask her to be your girlfriend (followed by asking her to be your wife if everything works out). Make it happen, she's waiting for you to ask.

Come join our K-selected, red pilled, rational community at to get the help you need to find the romantic relationship you want.

r/K Selection Matrix and the Alpha vs Beta Male

The subject of Alpha vs Beta male is heated, often contradictory. Some people love the concept, others completely reject it. Still, it has a strong cultural appeal.

The origins of the Alpha/Beta discussion stem from now-discredited studies of wolves in captivity. Nevertheless, this doesn't diminish the usefulness and popularity of using these terms to describe different types of people with different mindsets and behaviors. The concept or model has resonated with many people because they see it as having the power to quickly communicate important ideas in an easy to understand way.