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Women and feminine assertiveness Part 1

Women and feminine assertiveness Part 1

(Beginner level, understanding feminine assertiveness)

If you are a man or woman who is interested in or confused about the subject of feminine assertiveness this message is for you.

We will be covering the subject of assertiveness for women in three parts. This will enable us to go deeper into the subject and avoid overwhelming the reader.

Part 1: Beginner level, understanding feminine assertiveness.
Part 2: Taking care of your appearance, building a feminine support network, purging negativity.
Part 3: Being assertive in love, dating, courtship and marriage.

What relationship should women have with assertiveness?

In general, everyone agrees that men need to be assertive. However, when speaking about women, we get a variety of divergent opinions.

Traditionalists tend to favour very submissive women and are naturally concerned that increased female assertiveness might produce negative outcomes and disrupt the healthy politics of the nuclear family.

In modern so-called “progressive” culture, most women are expected to compete with men, taking on their masculine traits. As I previously explained in the message, “How to be a more assertive man,” our level of natural trait disagreeableness greatly impacts how we express our assertiveness. I highly suggest that you enjoy that message before finishing this one.

Ideally, a discussion about female assertiveness wouldn't even need to be had, because women would always have assertive men in their lives to guide and protect them. First their fathers, brothers and uncles, and later their husbands and sons.

Unfortunately, most women in this early part of the 21st century are left to fend for themselves. This can cause anxiety, stress, and feelings of vulnerability. Learning to be assertive without losing your femininity can help you to manage those negative feelings, give you peace of mind while protecting you from dangerous people and bad decisions.

Agreeableness and disagreeableness in women

On average, women are naturally much more agreeable than men. There are strong biological reasons for this. A woman's primary purpose is to make and care for babies. That is: to perpetuate our species.

Infants are demanding and needy. The woman who is most agreeable to the needs of her young children will be the most successful at reproducing. Highly disagreeable women, on the other hand, will generally make terrible mothers with a much lower chance of having successful offspring.

In general men sexually-select for highly agreeable women. Women who are perceived as nice, sweet, calm and gentle, are seen as charming and attractive. Women who are perceived as aggressive and disagreeable are described as horrible shrews and bossy bitches. Disagreeableness in women is unattractive.

In addition, women tend to be more neurotic than men. That means that they are more prone to experiencing so called negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, guilt and shame. These emotions have a very important purpose, however predatory people can use them to manipulate more agreeable, less assertive people. This puts women in a vulnerable position.

This doesn't mean that women can not be assertive. As mentioned, even very agreeable people can show a certain level of assertiveness. So then, should women be assertive?

Assertiveness and passivity

The opposite of assertiveness is passivity.

Passivity in men and women is harmful. Passive people are easily swayed by sophistic propaganda, superstition, discomfort, and social pressures. A few crafty human predators can herd large numbers of passive people like cattle.

Passive women are easily lead into destructive behaviours and beliefs that destroy their health, their fertility, and their potential to be good wives and mothers. Modern anti-femininity propaganda, ironically called feminism, is especially attractive to passive women. It gives them a dangerous sense of external validation and false security.

If you are not an assertive women, you can become one. But first, you need to understand what that means for you, and how to become assertive without losing your femininity.

What does healthy assertiveness look like in women?

The assertive woman seeks to be virtuous. She knows where her long-term interests lie and will not allow other people to force her into compromising. Her life and beliefs are anchored in a secure foundation based on truth (she is at least partly red-pilled).

But what does that look like in real life? How will a passive woman's behaviour differ from an assertive woman?

The passive woman vs the assertive woman

There are a lot of vices that passive women fall into. Without the protection and guidance of a father or husband they can't manage to keep out of trouble. If you find yourself falling into passive female behaviours do not despair. Even very agreeable women can learn to be assertive.

Passive women + lack of the Patriarchy = the death of western civilization

The passive woman develops negative feelings about men and the patriarchy after being exposed to hateful feminist propaganda. She ends up thinking that every man is an oppressive, violent, sexual deviant because that's what her gender studies professor told her to think.

The assertive woman appreciates all that good men do to provide her with safety and comfort. She has respect for men because she allows only good men into her life.

The passive woman is easily swayed by pop culture indoctrination to choose the path that society has ordained for the modern, “independent” woman. She spends long years in education, freezes her eggs so she can chase a career making other people rich while ignoring opportunities to marry and have children until she's far past her prime. She ends up old, alone, unhappy and unsatisfied.

The assertive woman listens to her own biological maternal drive. She knows that she will be happiest with a husband, a home and babies. She ignores anti-family propaganda and aims her life in such a way so as to find a great man to marry, settle down and raise her children peacefully.

The passive woman gives in sexually to every man that shows her the slightest bit of attention. It's not so much that she’s a loose degenerate, it’s that she doesn't know how to say no and mean it. She ends up feeling ashamed, used and violated.

The assertive woman entertains no shame in saying no to a man to whom she’s not married. She avoids getting used by predatory men. She is saving her body for the exclusive enjoyment of the commited man that she will spend the rest of her life with.

The passive woman falls in “love” with any aggressive jerk that ignores her in a way that triggers her daddy issues. She can't find a good man because they are all avoiding her.

The assertive women has high standards. She avoids repeated heartbreak by saving her love for a life bond with the masculine and mature man that will be the father of her children.

The passive woman, if she gets married, is still unhappy. She's lazy, she takes the easy way out, she sends her kids to daycare as soon as possible, her house is a mess, she wastes money, she's fat, she's dead in bed, her husband and children are fed up with her shit but she doesn't change. She's likely to get divorced eventually, at which point she will claim to be a victim.

The assertive woman knows how to make herself act. She is industrious. She gets things done. Her husband and children enjoy her full attention, her house is reasonably neat, she's thrifty, she lives in a way that keeps her fit. She seeks to please her husband and care for her children. She has justified pride in herself, her family and her home.

Assertiveness, dominance and submissiveness

The relationship between assertiveness, dominance and submissiveness is often misunderstood. Dominance and submission are not binary. You are not 100% always in one mode of the other. Depending on the situation, a healthy person can shift between the roles as needed.

For example, as a child you submit to your parents’ wisdom, guidance and experience. As you age and assert your independence, you earn greater control over your life. In their old age, if your parents end up with diminished capacity, they may have to submit to your guidance and decisions. Life comes full circle.

Here is a red pill that many people, both men and women find hard to swallow: Within traditional familiar gender roles, the wife who submits to her husband's leadership will be far happier than the woman who seeks radical egalitarianism or dominance over her husband.

Does reading that statement make you cringe? Maybe you are still a little under the influence of the feminist branch of cultural marxism. We are all exposed to lies about what makes men and women happy.

Fortunately, the truth can be found. Common sense, history, and increasingly studies show that women who follow traditional gender roles are happier, have more and better sex, have more stable marriages and have husbands that earn more money. Apparently, our ancestors were onto something.

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Assertive women will find the happiness and love that they seek. This post covered what it means to be an assertive woman and the value it can bring to your life. The next post in this series will go deeper into how you can develop more assertiveness.

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