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Raise your SMV by slaying dragons: The Legend of St. George and the Dragon [Hero's journey]

Western society is collapsing. The dragons of chaos are stirring again in the form of mass invasions by dangerous hostiles, the widespread promotion of false narratives, and moral decay. The root cause of our troubles is the weakness of men who seek comfort and security at all costs. Dishonorable men who would trade the future for a day's peace. 

This isn't the first time that our civilization has been menaced by total collapse, nor will it be the last. By acting honorably and by facing the danger threatening our society we can slay dragons.

The Female Hero Archetype: Raise your SMV by acting out your Hero Archetype [Hero's journey]

Men and women are fundamentally and biologically different. That's no surprise, they have very different roles and purposes to fulfill in the continuation of our species. Listening to stories and emulating heroes that display positive, natural gender roles can help us to be better men and women. In this post we will discuss the Female Hero Archetype, how it has been distorted and how we can select positive female role models.

Be a Romantic Hero! - Your Hero's Journey: Act 3 [Hero's journey]

We do it because it's worth it. A good life is its own reward.

The Hero struggles, suffers and sacrifices. In the end, if he does not give up, he will get his prize! This part of your journey is about obtaining and holding onto the prize, a fulfilling romantic relationship. 

Your Romantic Hero's Journey has a happy ending. You can get everything you always wanted. Someone to hold and love you, children and happiness. You only need to finish what you started, complete your journey in Act 3.

Be a Hero, Raise Your SMV - Your Hero's Journey: Act 2 [Hero's journey]

(Tests, Allies, Enemies, Approach, Ordeal, Death and Rebirth.)

Western culture is largely based on the Hero mythos. The individual who overcomes chaos, tames nature and brings order to his or her universe. Western hero stories are often focused on personal honour gained by taking the right path.

The Hero's Journey is never easy. Its is not about comfort, relaxation or maximizing our pleasure. Rather, it's about sacrifice, stoically and voluntarily suffering discomfort and bravely facing the unknown (chaos).

Though the individual Hero is the main focus of western mythos, he always lives within a societal framework that influences his thoughts and actions. The Hero is both a responsible member of his society and a rule breaker when necessary. He is both a man and a beast. 

Be a Hero, Raise Your SMV: Act 1 [Hero's Journey]

Last week we discussed how dating that leads to marriage can be likened to a Hero's Journey. This post will continue that theme by discussing how to start your journey towards romantic fulfillment by taking on the Relationship Quest.

The stories that we tell ourselves and others are powerful. They change our thought patterns, our behaviour and the outcome of our life. When we think of our lives as a grand epic, a story of heroism and the triumph of virtue over evil we will then conform to that expectation.